Are You a Natural Developer..?

In the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s, property developers were generally looked upon with something approaching disdain.

The commercial ones tended to be perceived as pretty flashy, drove exotic (usually leased) cars and took enormous risks with money (generally other people’s). Residential developers were well into the ‘infill housing’ trend, and built swathes of pseudo mediterranean, cross leased, leaky things, shortly before swiftly departing the neighbourhood.

Now this may not be the sort of person you aspire to becoming, so why would I suggest that you may be a natural?

Previous Auckland Mayor Len Brown, in between important board room engagements, oversaw the introduction of the much vaunted Unitary Plan. This new document has almost completely changed planning regulations as regards the number and types of buildings that are allowed on sites throughout Auckland.

Most sites now, regardless of size, can be considered ‘two unit’ sites as long as such things as coverage, height and height to boundary regulations are met. Car parking requirements are less stringent and tend to be market driven. Density has increased and outdoor living areas are more flexible.

What has not changed though is that land value is still one of the biggest components of a development project. Which makes you, as the owner of that land, the ‘natural developer’.

If you like the area you live in, you can do something that will add value. You can do something that your neighbours will like. You won’t have to run away and live somewhere else, and you won’t be risking large quantities of money as the bulk of it is secure in your land holding.

You will be able to live in a more efficient, newer, better designed, more environmentally sensitive and altogether nicer home in the neighbourhood you enjoy. And with careful thought and attention to detail you can increase privacy and security. All of this without huge outlay or risk.

Some sites are able to offer a bolder approach, as they can hold three or more apartment-type units close to neighbourhood amenities, bus stops and train stations. Whilst these sorts of developments are slightly more involved, they offer a smaller scale approach to increasing housing stock which is not beyond the realms of private individuals. The resulting schemes tend to be more sensitive, more personable and more responsive to their particular neighbourhood context.

So you may well be a Natural Developer – albeit a more likeable, modern version. Give us a call and we can quickly show you how easy it can be to explore possibilities that your site can offer - and improve your lifestyle - and even the neighbourhood.

And you won’t need a gold medallion or a Lambourghini…

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