The Auckland Unitary Plan and The Burling Effect

Understanding the Real Value in What You Have

Mr and Mrs Burling seem like a very nice couple. I saw them interviewed on the TV just after their boy Peter had steered a small plane disguised as a catamaran around Bermuda’s Great Sound to pinch the America’s Cup back off the Australians Americans.

Mrs B calmly revealed that when he was young they had `just bought Peter a little sailing dinghy’ as he had shown a lot of interest in the sport. He went on to get better, and better, and better. Arguably now better than anyone else, his true value has become apparent. The Burlings and many others saying `who would have thought it?’. What an asset to his country and a joy to his family and friends.

Which ironically brings me to the Auckland Unitary Plan. Like the Burlings, people all over town are sitting on unrealised assets that they don’t even know are there. This may not be simply by way of monetary value, but value in the enjoyment of a better lifestyle.

Folks fretting about where they might be able to finally build a home for themselves that better suits their needs, and is tailor made for their particular situation, could find that the elusive building site they have been looking for is right under their feet.

The Plan has introduced major changes to the number of units allowed on a site, and how these can be configured. Many previous `one house’ sites are now able to house two `as of right' with no need for Resource Consent. Go through the Resource Consent process (becoming less daunting now that Council are looking to get things built) more units can be added. In some cases this can happen alongside other uses such as offices, retail and so on.

The landscape is changing. We are currently helping two sets of clients remove their homes of twenty years plus, to construct two houses – one to sell or rent, and one designed exactly to their needs, to live in. This allows them to remain in the neighbourhood where they raised their children, amongst friends and neighbours, and that they know well. Other clients are working with us on multi unit projects, that house other activities as well as residential, enabling more people to enjoy living and working in Auckland’s more desirable locations, close to town and amenities.

We can’t tell you if your son or granddaughter will grow up to be like Peter Burling and win the America’s Cup, or amaze the golfing world like Mr and Mrs Ko’s little girl has, but we can tell you that you may well be sitting on a valuable asset of your own, that you never thought you had.

You might call that The Burling Effect. Now who’d have thought?

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