Who Abri Are

  • John

    John Durkin, Director, Registered Architect
    BArch University of Auckland ANZIA

    I love to question, see things differently, explore ideas and reveal hidden opportunity.

    I do this through architecture and coaching, photography and writing — and by advocating for people to make their lives better.

    My golf is a work in progress, and my passion for Liverpool Football Club a certifiable genetic malaise.

  • Naomi

    Naomi Tate, NDAT BAS Unitec

    I enjoy gardening and great cups of English Breakfast tea.

    I find the context behind the site and building fascinating, and enjoy the problem solving that comes with analysing each site and coming up with a unique solution that will improve the environment in that location.

  • Sam

    Sam Lawrence, BArch Unitec

    I believe that our lives and the built environment can be improved by functional beauty, by way of thoughtful, quality design on all scale.

    I have a passion for all facets of design, and enjoy using mechanical and physical mediums to explore and solve problems.

    I'm a fan of Charles & Ray Eames for their masterful integration of mechanical simplicity, function and beauty, and have a fascination with Saabs and their alternative yet logical approach to design and engineering.

  • Violeta

    Violeta Gonzalez, Architect (Chile)

    I love the blend of cinema with architecture. For example the movies 'Wings of Desire’ and ‘Inception’ .

    This goes perfectly with a chocolate and a cup of coffee.

    Architecture is my passion.

    I like to believe that if the design is well thought out, even a small tiny house is just as good as the grandest design.

  • Violeta

    Sheldon Carr, MArch (Prof)

    I seek to develop design through the consideration of community and context to enhance occupants quality of life. I strive to create alternative design outcomes that lead to an active, developing and sustainable culture.

    I have a passion for materials and the effect they have externally, and internally to the built form.

    I am a follower of Olsen Kundig and their approach to the built form through simplicity - that contributes to creating the ‘ideal’ environment. Alongside this, the housing model known as Nightingale.

    I am a firm believer in creating meaningful relationships with people and expressing altruism within my team.